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Saferworld - Preventing violent conflict. Building safer lives Vision

We believe in a world where everyone can lead peaceful, fulfilling lives, free from fear and insecurity


We challenge the gender norms that cause and perpetuate conflict and insecurity

Conflict sensitivity

We promote a conflict-sensitive approach to ensure aid promotes peace and does not reinforce conflict dynamics

People first

We put people first, supporting change that empowers local communities to take action and influence decision-making


We work to ensure that peacebuilding processes and governance systems are inclusive and legitimate

Latest news and views

Saferworld's Annual Review 2015-16

Featuring highlights from our programme and policy work around the world – from our local programmes in conflict-affected countries to our international advocacy.


Women’s role in peace and security in Yemen

Women’s political participation in Yemen’s public sphere has been limited to select members of the elite. It has been influenced by different historical legacies of state-building, competing nationalist and religious discourses, changing socio-economic conditions, and urban-rural divides within Yemen.

RESOURCE | 8 December 2016

The 2030 Agenda’s commitment to peaceful, just and inclusive societies – making it count

Peace is included as both a goal and a cross-cutting issue in the 2030 Agenda, but how can we ensure the framework actually makes a difference to people's lives? Anna Moller-Loswick explores effective implementation of the agenda in our latest blog.

BLOG | 7 December 2016

Civil society observes Somalia’s 2016 electoral process

Saferworld is working with its local partners, Puntland Non State Actors Association (PUNSAA) and Somalia South Central Non State Actors (SOSCENSA), to observe the ongoing 2016 electoral process in Somalia.

NEWS | 6 December 2016

Police accountability: a mechanism for peace and justice

In our latest peace and justice blog, policing experts Gary White and Graham Mathias explore the links between policing, peace and justice, highlighting the importance of accountability structures and processes at all levels to enable and support a police culture that contributes to broader peace and justice.

BLOG | 5 December 2016

Yemen in our hearts

Through its Community Security Programme in Yemen, Saferworld and local partner NODS have supported community groups in Taiz to identify and address safety and security problems in their local areas. In June 2016, one group organised an exhibition of children’s drawings. 20 girls and boys aged 7-10 years old were...

RESOURCE | 1 December 2016

Resolute in uncertain times: peacebuilding in the new US administration

Weeks after the election, Trump's foreign policy and security strategy remain uncertain. David Alpher and Ursala Knudsen-Latta explore the challenges and opportunities for peacebuilders as America shapes a new approach.

BLOG | 1 December 2016

Challenges and opportunities for peace and security cooperation

Bernardo Mariani and Chloë Gotterson take a look at EU-China efforts to promote peace and security in Africa, outlining successes and challenges.

COMMENT & ANALYSIS | 28 November 2016 - Bernardo Mariani, Chloë Gotterson

Justice and peace blog series

This series of blogs explores ways to include a much broader array of actors in the process of building peace and justice.

Our strategy

Read Saferworld's 2014-17 strategy to put people at the centre of peace and security responses.


SDG16 initiative

A coalition of international organisations – including Saferworld– launched a website that tracks progress toward Sustainable Development Goal 16

Protect civilians project: Armenia-Azerbaijan