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Saferworld - Preventing violent conflict. Building safer lives Inclusivity

We work to ensure that peacebuilding processes and governance systems are inclusive and legitimate


We believe in a world where everyone can lead peaceful, fulfilling lives, free from fear and insecurity


We challenge the gender norms that cause and perpetuate conflict and insecurity

Conflict sensitivity

We promote a conflict-sensitive approach to ensure aid promotes peace and does not reinforce conflict dynamics

People first

We put people first, supporting change that empowers local communities to take action and influence decision-making

Latest news and views

Saferworld's Annual Review 2015-16

Featuring highlights from our programme and policy work around the world – from our local programmes in conflict-affected countries to our international advocacy.


A closer look at Secretary Rex Tillerson and his foreign policy perspective

Ursala Knudsen-Latta examines recent statements from US Secretary Rex Tillerson for insight into his foreign policy perspective

BLOG | 13 February 2017 - Ursala Knudsen-Latta

Four questions for democratisation in Somalia

Somalia has elected new president Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo in an indirect selection process. Work towards one-person-one-vote elections must begin right away.

COMMENT & ANALYSIS | 9 February 2017 - Oliver Chevreau, Ali Aden Abdi

‘Strength through peace – not peace through strength’: a reaction to Trump’s America First foreign policy

David Alpher looks at the new US administration's foreign policy and outlines how President Trump could more effectively promote peace and security abroad

BLOG | 7 February 2017 - David Alpher

We won’t wait: as war ravages Yemen, its women strive to build peace

Conflict in Yemen has left thousands dead, millions homeless or hungry, and an economy in ruins. But hopes for peace talks are fading and a new approach is needed. Women and girls are particularly affected by the conflict and have a crucial role to play in building peace at the...

RESOURCE | 30 January 2017

‘Privilege violence’: why polarised democracies yield violence

Where wealth and power is concentrated, security institutions may be instrumentalised to protect the economic and political elite at the expense of wider security and rule of law. Dr Rachel Kleinfeld calls this type of violence Privilege Violence, because it stems not from a state that is weak – but from a power structure that enables violence...

BLOG | 30 January 2017 - Dr Rachel Kleinfeld

Saferworld in Nepal

The 2006 Comprehensive Peace Agreement ended a decade-long conflict in Nepal. The final formal component of this process was a new constitution, promulgated in September 2015. While welcomed by many, some provisions led to protests, particularly in areas already affected by conflict and fragility. The new constitution ushers in a...

RESOURCE | 26 January 2017

Making them count: using indicators and data to strengthen accountability for the SDGs

The 2030 Agenda’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals - and their 169 targets - each require a set of indicators to monitor progress towards achieving the global goals. Once indicators are agreed, data will be required to hold governments accountable.

RESOURCE | 19 January 2017

Justice and peace blog series

This series of blogs explores ways to include a much broader array of actors in the process of building peace and justice.

Our strategy

Read Saferworld's 2014-17 strategy to put people at the centre of peace and security responses.


SDG16 initiative

A coalition of international organisations – including Saferworld– launched a website that tracks progress toward Sustainable Development Goal 16

Protect civilians project: Armenia-Azerbaijan